Photorealistic images

Gallery with 5 images.

Group of competition climbing walls, composed of a 15m high climbing wall, speed competition climbing wall with the same hight and a 4,5m   high boulder. Constructed with plywood panels and metallic structure.                    

Gallery with 6 images.                                                Outdoor rockwork, composed by a 12m high climbing wall and a 4,5m   high boulder, mimic granite.

Gallery with 4 images.
Outdoor rockwork arch, 4.5m high, mimic reddish sandstone.

Gallery with 8 images.                                                Some of the characters and assets that I use to bring my renders to life.

Gallery with 4 images.

Climbing wall of mixed construction, made out of rockwork mimic limestone, and a curved panel made of polymer. 

Gallery with 6 images.

Trondheim Buldressenter, Norway. The Norwegian company UTE hired me during 2016 for the designing of their boulder center, which is one of the most outstanding in that country.

Gallery with 5 images.

Climbing playground made up of six rockwork boulders, mimic limestone.

Gallery with 4 images.

Outdoor rockwork boulder, 4.5m high, mimic limestone.

Gallery with 8 images.

Several images of family fun centers, that I have made for the spanish  company 7Fun, showing water games, Virtual Reality devices, jump parks, and climbing games.

Photorealistic images

Photorealistic 3-D visuals provide your client with the most realistic view of your proposed design. Because I have invested much time creating a huge library of equipment, characters, and detailed textures, I can say that this is a photorealistic rendering service specific for climbing wall projects.

  Competition climbing walls – 5 images

  Characters and assets – 6 images

  Mixed construction climbing wall – 4 images

  Granite climbing wall and boulder- 5 images

  Boulder center- 6 images

  Boulder playground – 5 images

  Reddish sandstone arch- 4 images

  Limestone boulder – 4 images

  Family entertainment centers  – 8 images

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